ETI Securities lanciert den Exchange Traded Index LIBERTAS ETI

ETI Securities plc lanciert per August-Ultimo ein neues Investmentprodukt - den LIBERTAS ETI (AT0000A0WN51). Als Basiswert dieses insolvenzgeschützten Indexzertifikates dient der speziell für die Emission entwickelte referential index "Libertas Index". 

Der Emissionskurs beträgt 1000 Euro - die Einbeziehung in den Handel an der Börse wird beantragt.

Beim Libertas ETI handelt es sich um ein Alternative Investment, welches grundsätzlich in sämtliche Asset Klassen investieren kann und zur Portfoliooptimierung auch Leverage einsetzen darf. Die Indexbestandteile sind entsprechend managed accounts.

Das öffentliche Angebot richtet sich ausschliesslich an professionelle Investoren in des Europäischen Wirtschaftsraumes gemäss Definition der MiFID-Richtlinie.

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Argentarius offers UCITS Fund Managers a new gateway to alternative asset classes

Corporate News: First ETI - Exchange Traded Instrument linked to and backed by alternative investments listed at the European Wholesales Securities Market

The first Exchange Traded Instrument (ETI) issued under the Malta Securitisation Act went live recently on the European Wholesale Securities Market (EWSM). The "Dynamic Trading Strategies ETI" is linked to and backed by a performance linked bond issued by a Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle allowable under the Securitisation Act of Malta with the sole purpose of holding Managed Accounts at Interactive Brokers LLC and Sensus Capital Markets plc.

The EWSM  is a joint venture between the Malta Stock Exchange and the Irish Stock Exchange and acts as an EU regulated market for arrangers and issuers of wholesale debt products.

Argentarius ETI Management is the arranger for this innovative financial product which is issued by ETI Securities one of the Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) incorporated under the Securitisation Act in Malta which delivers a high level of protection for the investors within a favourable regulatory framework and with the added advantages of special tax arrangements.

Andreas Woelfl,  Argentarius’s CEO said “This really is a first for Malta and clearly demonstrates the advantages of Malta as a domicile for the issuance of Exchange Traded Instruments backed by and linked to the performance of Alternative Investments”

This particular issue is the first of its kind in Malta because the Exchange Traded Instrument (ETI) is linked by way of a performance bond to the underlying assets and so its performance is derived from that of a Management Account consisting of  commodity futures contracts with the result that the ETI is an eligible asset class for a UCITS Fund even though the commodity futures contracts do not qualify as eligible assets under the UCITS directive.

For the UCITS Fund Manager this means that Argentarius can offer a diversification into additional asset classes, especially alternative investments asset classes with a reasonable cost structure.

The ETI structure was confirmed by the European Commission as falling within the definition of an eligible UCITS security regardless of the eligibility of the underlying assets as long as certain criteria are met. Issuance on a regulated market such as EWSM is one of those criteria and so the availability of this exchange in Malta is a key factor for UCITS Fund Managers that seek to increase diversification within their funds.

For Argentarius this heralds the launch of their european-wide expansion “We are currently talking to many of the leading advisers to the fund industry in Germany, Malta, Switzerland and the UK and we are looking at several new issues currently” said Andreas Woelfl.


Disclaimer: The Registration Document as well as the Securities Notes (together “the Prospectus”) was approved for admission to trading at the European Wholesale Securities Market by the MFSA - Malta Financial Services Authority. The Prospectus can be inspected at the registered office of the Issuer and the Arrangeur at normal business hours.