Welcome at ETI Securities plc - the expert in securisations of alternative investments

ETI Securities is an European securisations company specialising in the securisation of alternative investments by issuing Exchange Traded Investments (ETI).

ETI - Exchange-traded instruments are exchange traded securities, which allow a simple and transparent participation in the performance of an underlying instrument. Unlike Exchange Traded Funds, ETIs are complettely free in the choice of the underlying asset - and make use of it by issuing securities linked to alternative investments an ETFs is not allowed to track.

ETI Securities establishes for each financial instrument issued a segregated compartment ("sub-fund") and thus eliminates credit risk.

ETI Securities is one of the few European securisation companies offering securisations of alternative investments as Private Label Products.

ETI Securities is managed by Argentarius ETI Management which also acts as Calculation Agent to the securitisations. For further informations about ETIs - Exchange Traded Instruments have a look at Argentarius website http://www.argentarius-securitisations.com